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Regading WB sample prep

in the exosome boiling:

1µl loading buffer without mercapto (depending on which target to label. Abs targeting tetraspanin typically require non-red cond)

can you let me know what is non-red cond please? i did not understand what it is.

asked Mar 17, 2015 in ExosomesTalk by anniewang

2 Answers

with non-reducing samples there should be no DTT or beta-mercaptoethanol during boiling of your sample. often the detection Abs for WB targeting tetraspanins prefer non-red conditions.
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answered Mar 19, 2015 by ketil.pedersen 1 flag
you may check out our recent publications performing both TEM and WB on B-cell derived exosomes for method suggestions as well


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answered Mar 19, 2015 by ketil.pedersen