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How to isolate and analyse exosomes directly

In our recent publication in Translational Biomedicine we are demonstrating direct capture and analysis of exosomes from cell culture media - and how to fine tune the workflow. 


Ketil W. Pedersen, Bente Kierulf, Ingrid Manger, Morten P. Oksvold, Alexander Vlassov, Norbert Roos, Anette Kullmann and Axl NeurauterDirect Isolation of Exosomes from Cell Culture: simplifying Methods for Exosome Enrichment and analysis. Translational Biomedicine 2015, Vol. 6 No 2:18.


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asked Aug 26, 2015 in ExosomesTalk by ketil.pedersen

1 Answer

actually, direct capture of exosomes is very simple - when following the guidlines provided in the publication. the isolated exosomes are compatible with many downstream applications.
answered Sep 7, 2015 by ketil.pedersen