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exosome isolation kit precipitate apoptotic bodies?

I wonder if the apoptotic bodies will be precipitated by the total exosome isolation kit. Thank you.
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asked Nov 1, 2013 in ExosomesTalk by Watson

2 Answers

Based on the size distribution of the isolated vesicles not many large vesicles are co-isolated, indicating low contamination of apoptotic bodies. However, there is no guarantee that you will not isolate any. The most important when using a generic isolation method is to have highly viable cells to limit the presence of apoptotic bodies in the sample, unless they are the target of your isolation.

Sasha, any comment?
answered Nov 2, 2013 by axl.neurauter
apoptotic bodies are much larger (>800 nm), so they will be mostly removed from the sample during pre-spin (along with cells and debris). The Total reagent is added at the next step, and it precipitates primarily exosomes (30-150 nm) - as we can see from the Nanosight and other analysis
answered Nov 4, 2013 by Vlassosv