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Total Exosome Isolation試薬は涙液にも使えますか?

私は涙液に含まれているmiRNAを解析しています。涙液からエキソソームを回収したいのですが、Total Exosome Isolation試薬は涙液からのエキソソーム回収にも使用できますか?使える場合は、どの製品を使えば良いでしょうか。

asked Sep 5, 2013 in Products by vesiclover
According to Google translator: "I am analyzing the miRNA that are included in the tears. I would like to recover exosomes from tears but, can be Total Exosome Isolation reagents be used for recovery of exosomes from tears? If they can be used , which product should I use? Thank you ." (Japanese). Hope this is accurate :)

1 Answer

There is no specific reagent for isolation of exosomes from tears. and I did not see any papers on this topic as well. However the Total exosome isolation reagent (from cell media) and accompanying protocols should work fine, as tears are similar to cell media in many ways- very clean sample (very few proteins, macrovesicles, bacteria, etc being present), non viscous, with very low exosome content.
answered Sep 5, 2013 by Vlassosv
Thank you!
I'll try it.